Best nature for dragonite

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best nature for dragonite

The best nature for Dragonair/ Dragonite is Adamant since it boosts your attack. But serious doesn't lower anything or raise anything so that. Here we go with Dragonite, one of the original uber-pokemon. It has a Dragon Claw (or Dragon Rush) or Dragon Pulse. Depends on stats. You'll want either a Lonely or Naughty nature if you want to go for Attack. Lonely Nature adds bonus points for Attack, sacrificing Defense points. best nature for dragonite Just my advice though: I you want to use it there's 3 sets you can run these are for ORAS but Dragonite hasn't had any changes for SM so they'll work just as fineall of them with Multiscale as its ability since it's the best it can run and of course you should have max IVs on your stats: It casino betrug roulette a physical move that also have a Paralyze chance which makes it even more helpful in battle. Dragonite got 1 more weakness- Dragon type. Gilford View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage.


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